Prospects of American Energy Policy Under the Biden Administration

Donald Trump campaigned as a saviour for middle America; he promised a revitalization of the coal industry and manufacturing across the Rust Belt. He was an outspoken critic of climate change, often calling it a “hoax”. He opened the Arctic National Wildlife Reservoir to oil drilling and issued over 1400 permits to drill on federal land in his last three months as president alone. America’s limited environmental progress in recent decades has been fueled by the transition from coal to natural gas, a significantly cleaner energy source.

The Venezuela Crisis: Drifting on Oil

On January 10, 2019, Nicholas Maduro started his new yet controversial six-year term of presidency; then, on January 23, Juan Guaido, who claimed that he did not recognize the legitimacy of the President, received support from the Parliament. The main goal of Guaido and his supporters is to deny the results of the 2018 Election and start a re-election.

The consequences of US “maximum pressure” policy on Iran

In September 2019, Donald Trump announced new sanctions on Iran as a retaliation for its attacks against two oil plants in Saudi Arabia, an US ally in the Middle East. These sanctions targeted the Iranian Central Bank and the National Development Fund, accused of funding terrorists’ groups. This measure is only the latest of a series of increasingly severe sanctions starting in November 2018. What have been the effects of these measures so far, in particular on the oil industry, and what is going to happen next?