All Eyes On Africa: Ethiopia’s Tigray Conflict

Located at the Horn of Africa, where the heat mixes with the humidity to create the climate that favors the eruption of clashes, Ethiopia stands proud, carrying centuries of history and culture on its back. Landlocked and separated from the rest of the Muslim-dominated African countries, it now finds itself battling internal demons apart from external foes. What started as a border skirmish between Ethiopia and Eritrea in 1998 has now escalated into a fully developed civil war that threatens the status quo. But who is Abiy Ahmed and who are Tigray’s so-called liberation fighters?

A War of Choice – A deep dive into the French 2013 intervention in Mali and the reasons behind it

On the 11th of January 2013, the French President François Hollande launched “Operation Serval”, as the Malian operation is generally called by French officials, which lasted until the July 15th of the following year, when it was renamed Operation Barkhane. Here are some elements to understand the reasons behind this armed intervention.