The New Fuel of the Shipping Industry: Is it Really a Good Idea?

Marine gas oil (MGO), marine diesel oil, and other refined and crude oils are the most common fuels that power the global shipping industry’s thousands of ships. These fuel types have been around for decades but, as of recently, they have been the focus of climate change activism in the maritime industry and far beyond due to their significant CO2, sulfur oxide, and nitrogen oxide pollution contributing to global warming.

The Silk Road of the 21st Century

Since around 114 BC, the Silk Road has revolutionized trade between Europe and East-Asia. Now, a new route is emerging that can transform global shipping as we know it today. That new route, the Northern Sea Route, passes from the edge of Alaska to the top of Scandinavia along Russia’s barren Siberian coastline and could be up to 2 weeks faster than the mainstream Suez Canal Passage.