Rare-Earth Elements: Basis of The Future Economy or Geopolitical Weapon?

In the last decades, the world witnessed an important dispute about Rare-Earth Elements (REE), which passed quite unnoticed. Although these materials are unknown to many people, they are essential in many fields of the modern economy. Currently, the REE market is ruled by China, which controls the production and distribution of most of the world’s resources and, recently, has furtherly increased its influence. On the other side, this dependence on Beijing is considered as a threat for other developed countries. Given the huge importance of this business, many strategies and alliances are being set up since no one wants to lose the train heading towards the future economy.

Protests In Belarus: The End of Europe’s Last Dictator?

In these weeks, Belarus is facing the most important and persistent demonstrations since its independence from the USSR in 1991. For months, a sense of general disapproval about President Alexander Lukashenko’s government had been growing because of the inadequate way he had dealt with numerous situations, including the Coronavirus pandemic. Since the beginning of August, the country has been going through several violent protests between police and demonstrators, where frequent violations of human rights and the arrest of thousands of protesters were reported.

Turkish Incursion in Cypriot Gas Fields: Provocation or Strategy?

In 2019 and in the first half of 2020, Turkey has sent some drillships in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, in particular in the south of Cyprus, in order to look for new gas and oil fields without asking permission from Cyprus and the EU. The problem is that the area where Turkey has sent its drillships is an Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of Cyprus, an area which cannot be violated by another country and whose resources can be only exploited by the country to which it belongs. It is for this reason that the EU, especially Cyprus and Greece, has strongly condemned Ankara’s incursion. The situation is very complicated and, as well as the never-ending fight for energy resources and the different aims of involved countries, the decennial problem between Cyprus and Turkey has been brought back into the spotlight.